Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Breath of Fresh Air

Two weeks ago I went and visited a friend for lunch. I took the boys and we met up at her mums house as her mum hadn't yet met Lachy and basically I love her mum.
Then just last week I received a message from my friend to tell me that her beautiful mum, who has been very, very sick, had received a very special phone call.

A double lung transplant kind of phone call.

According to the surgeons, it has been a "text book case". If you're going to ace something, it mose well be your lung transplant. 

It's one of those situations where it's hard to know what to do so I decided to do what I know.
A quilt, of course...
I've quilted it with hearts and loops. 
I finally finished the binding this afternoon.
I swear the binding took longer than the rest but you can't beat hand sewing it down.
Now I just need to label it and send it with all my love and healing wishes to this very special lady. 
I'm hoping she'll have the snazziest bed in ICU.

On a personal note, I implore you to 'have the conversation' with your families. You do NOT need your organs when you're dead. I have made sure my dad and Mr CP know my wishes. Life is so precious and losing someone at any time, but especially too soon, is hell on earth but honestly, organ donation is one of the few, possibly the only good thing that can come out of death.

My thoughts are with the family that were so thoughtful and giving in the midst of their tragedy. 

For more information or to register as an organ donor in Australia please log on to 

Abbe xx


  1. What a beautiful quilt for a special lady.
    Organ donation is one of the best gifts you can give.....

  2. You are so right about organ donating, it's the best thing that comes from death. You've made a lovely quilt, and the quilting is just perfect for it.

  3. You are awesome .... Its as simple as that.

  4. Beautiful quilt, I bet she loves it

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