Sunday, October 6, 2013

A year in the den

It's our one year anniversary today which actually made me realise that I didn't really blog many of the wedding pics. Not surprising considering that I haven't even printed off any photos for our walls.
Must get to that at some stage soon....

A Lachy Bump...
Nothing some sucky-in undies and holding your breath can't fix.
Actually I'm pushing it out, it wasn't that big.

Stop drawing attention to it ladies!!
A few prenuptial shennanigans with my buddies.

And then
Dad making sure to give me away.

Aunty Pam and I spent several hours getting high on hot glue gun fumes to make the bouquets. I love how they turned out.  

'Just Married' bunting made by Jules

We chose to have a fairly tight wedding budget and we both think we pulled it off quite well. We had a catered spit and the food was great and plentiful. A week in Noosa helped heal my tired dancing feet. Tired dancing feet is always a sign of a good night.

All I have to do now is sell the first dress that I bought which the Lachy Bump would not fit under and get to printing out those photos.

More important than the wedding, is the marriage and that is going well.
Still true love, lots of learning along the way and lots of laughs to get us through the tricky bits.

A year on....I really want to swan about in my dress again.
Would it look weird if I wore it around the house....?
Abbe x


  1. I really enjoyed seeing the wedding pictures! Happy Anniversary! :0)

  2. happy anniversary! beautiful photos....brings back lovely memories for me as today is also my wedding anniversary...just a few more years than you....have a wonderful day!

  3. Lovely photos Abbe. Happy Anniversary

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both.. May you have many many more.. Hugz Maria..
    Loved seeing all your wedding photos.

  5. Congrats Abbe - lovely to see you all so happy - yes it would look weird to swan about in your wedding dress - but do it anyway!!!

  6. Happy anniversary to you all. Yes, it might look weird, but hey, it's your day, your dress, your house so do it if you want to.

  7. Go on! You know you want to... and who's to stop you, Wear the dress at breakfast tomorrow....see if anyone notices. Congratulations to you on the 1 year! Lovely photos.