Thursday, November 14, 2013

Step Back in Time

Mr CP is not a baker. He's not a chef. He's never been trained but....
if you recall, he made this masterpiece for Harvey's birthday earlier in the year
In June he made this for my step-son who is of course a Dr Who addict.
It was brilliant!
My favourite part was that instead of fondant he made the icing with chocolate that he coloured. Soooo gooooood!

Mr CP's birthday is a few weeks before mine. I figured I had to go all out in order to encourage him to make me a special cake in return.
Not one to shy away from a challenge, I decided to make my first ever choux pastry and have a bash at making a croquembouche.
But oh, the pressure!
Mr CP had to spend the first few hours of his birthday sequestered in our bedroom while I filled the choux buns with decadent chocolate mousse and burnt the first batch of caramel.
Fortunately, he loved it and we all thought it tasted like it was worth the effort. 
Birthday boy and the candle blowing helpers.

Then it was my turn.... 
Check out my Janome 6600!!!
A lovely lemon cake with a licqourice power cord and tic tac buttons.

Apparently, Mr CP has exhausted his cake making abilities but with Lachy's first birthday next year, he's still got at least one more to do before he hangs up his apron.

Mmmm I feel like cake....
Ab x


  1. Those cakes are so cool! I hate cake decorating! I can never make them look like I imagine, and my kids keep requesting harder things. Time to outsource I think.

  2. They all look amazing - very clever cake people over your way
    I don't do special cakes - they are just lucky if they get one at all

  3. how did I miss this delicious post... All the cakes look fabulous.. Bet they all tasted yummy.....