Monday, March 4, 2013

Dancing pants

I still have big ideas about developing some seamstress skills so that I can confidently make clothes for myself and the kids.
I made some Foxy Pants for the wee one to be with a cute fox fabric that I bought at Spotty.
They are reversible, made with the pattern from Anna Maria Horner's book, 'Handmade Beginnings'.
Way back when, I made some from the same pattern for Harvey.

Harvey and I went to our local PWS a few weeks ago and he saw this fabric and wanted to hold the bolt - they are all of his favourite animals at the moment.
I couldn't resist buying some.
I made him some PJ pants from the pattern from my newest book purchase, 'Make it Perfect' by Toni Coward. I really like this pattern, they seemed to come together really easily. 
Harvey particularly loves the 'elphants'!!
I will buy some plain tops and applique some of the animals to go with the dacks.

Another bet each way for the bubba-to-be.
Some pink piggy pants for a girly one and some roary lion ones for a boy flavour.
These were from the free tutorial from the Made by Rae blog.

I finished stripping a few weeks ago. I love how it turned out and I'll definitely be making a different version sometimes down the track. I'm hoping to get some batting and get this quilted before the birth-day but since I'm 37 weeks tomorrow.....we'll see.....

Today I managed to tidy the nursery and changed things around from how we had them for Harvey. I want things to feel different. I've unpacked lots of neutral jumpsuits and have almost got my head around the fact that the baby will be here within days and at most three or four weeks. Eeek!
Harvey seems to have settled into his new room and we're getting used to having a monitor on to listen to his rather hilarious morning chattering.
Time for bed.
And I'd better turn that monitor on now that I thought about it...oops!
Ab x


  1. You have been busy Ab! Such cute finishes. Wonder if our spotlight has some foxy fabric too?

  2. I think this is your nesting instinct coming out. All the best for the birth. Love that quilt.

  3. A post for my birthday! Where's the 37 wk belly shot Ab? lurking at your blog is how I get to catch up n see you..really I should just get in the car again. My quilt can only dream of looking like yours when it grows up, you're a super stitcher.