Monday, February 25, 2013

A Model Friend

I have had a wonderful couple of weeks, with visits with Bianca, Aunty Pam, Fi and Peta. To round things out and keep all the wenches happy, I had a bright idea to visit Jules.
Mr CP needed Sunday to sleep after night shift and me and my girl had a plan that involved a camera and a big belly.....
Harvey 'tickling' Bubba - he thinks my, his and his dads belly button is called Bubba.
We need to straighten out that confusion.
Some artyness 
Note: It was 35 degrees, I was HOT and sweaty!
The photographer was bossy but fair enough, she had to keep reminding me, 'straighten the shoulders, tongue to teeth (to get rid of the double chin!!), put your hair over your you think she was trying to tell me I should have had a little make-up on??? :o)

Our helper helped by running away, chasing cows.
Not that helpful really....
And then it was his turn...annoyingly natural.
Oddly operatic. Brilliant pic Jules!
(I think he was actually mooing at the cows)
35 weeks and 5 days - the belly is big and I'm excited to meet this little person.
After I've finished chasing this one around the mulberry bush.... 
Thanks for a wonderful catch up Jules. Lots of laugh as always!!

Ab x


  1. beautiful photos of you Abby.
    Love the ones of Harvey too..

  2. Looking fantastic Abbe - maybe you don't think so - I found the end of pregnancy mentally difficult let alone physically! I love the sitting on log shot and Harvey's mooing! Seeing Kerrie tomorrow for my special quilt!

  3. That was a fun day! Harvey is adorable, takes after Mum.