Friday, March 29, 2013

And then there was three

I've been a bit quiet in the last few weeks. I've done a little bit of sewing but gave up after realising that I sewn rows of my HST quilt on the wrong way!
See? Sadly I didn't even realise until I decided to take some braggy blog photos. 
Really it's only a bit of unpicking and re-sewing but I was annoyed at myself so put it aside. Baby brain at it's best :o)

Then on Monday morning this little monkey woke us up at 5.00am
He must have known something big was going to happen that day....
Mummy and Harvey while Mummy had contractions,
and then....

We are thrilled to reveal our next wonderful creation

Lachlan (Lachy) Henry Fox!!!

Born 12.15pm on 25/03/2013

Weighing a HUGE 9lbs 4oz - 4.22kgs!!!
(which explains my ginormous belly)

I'm quite chuffed with this pic - six hour labour from start to finish and I worked bloody hard but I actually look fairly sprightly. Even if I do say so myself :o)

Lots of meat on Lachy's bones - explains where all of that ice cream I was eating went!

My boys.
Damn, I'm lucky!

Were home and settling in. Lachy seems to be feeding well and on day five is only 120gms under his birth weight. I feel like I'm re-learning breast feeding as Lachy learns but we're getting there.
We've already received lots of lovely congratulations via Instagram and Twitter (@copperpatch for both) and I thought I'd better get some pics up on the blog while I have the energy.

Time to catch some zzz's before the next feed.

Abbe xx


  1. Congratulations on the arrival of Lachy..
    Pleased all went well.
    Great photos of the boys and you do look great after 6hours(only) of labour..
    Was only thinking about you on Monday as I had marked it in the diary that you were due on the 26th..

  2. You did an amazing job lady ! Congrats he is divine and so are you . :)))) xxxxx

  3. Congratulations on a beautiful baby :) And as for the quilt, girl, it is PERFECT the way you sewed it together---much more fun than all of the triangles matched up.

  4. Congratulations Abbe. You did so well. I too love the quilt the way it is-start a new trend!

  5. Well Done Abbe! What a beautiful bubby! All the best with settling in at home and yes I absolutely agree with others re quilt - do not change!

  6. three very handsome little men ... good luck with the zzz's

    janine (aunty jude's friend)

  7. Awesome news. Congratulations and enjoy every newborn day!

  8. Congratulations!!!!!That's fantastic news.

  9. Congrats Abbe and hope all is going fine. Lovely pics and glad the weather has cooled down some.

  10. damn! if id known youd have pics of the birth on here i would have joined you sooner. yes! you do look spritely Abbe, but then ive always been a fan and am biased!
    ive already said congrats on instagram but ill say it again,