Friday, May 11, 2012

Late night quilting

I started May with another finish.
This quilt is destined for a friends soon to be born bubba girl.
Backed in a very bright pink with white spot. 
I have finally pieced this quilt top.
I'm pondering if it needs a border or two.
I'm thinking a 2 inch border, maybe in aqua with a coordinating print about six inches wide.
Any thoughts?
It's a very busy quilt, but I love it.

My helper... 
Some late night quilting last night. I was having a great time even thought I sewed through my nail (really stupid!) and then ran out of thread. Probably lucky as it was already really late. 

Does anyone have issues with puckering when crossing over quilting lines?
I'm having issues on the front of the quilt so there's no chance of doing any cross-hatching.
I'm strongly considering a new machine but in the meantime it would be great to solve the problem.

I have a 20+ year old Janome Memory Craft 7000.



  1. Lots of loveliness.
    Re: puckering, maybe change needle? Other than that I'm not sure.

  2. Oooh, sewing over your fingernail doesn't sound good! Love the baby quilt, the other one's certainly bright ;). I can't give any border advice as it's so far away from my fabric choices. However, wrt puckering, try 505 spray baste, it holds the layers together everywhere (unlike pins/tacking which only hold at certain points) and makes puckering much less likely. Also use a firmer wadding such as a cotton rather than a slippery polyester and double-check your walking foot is fitted properly and is actually "walking".

  3. Well done you! That baby quilt is adorable! :0)

  4. I love all the late night sewing, reminds me of times when I had a house full of kids, finally asleep for the night and I could sew in peace. Now my tired old eyes give up when the sun sets but at least my days are now my own!

  5. Beautiful quilts! I love anything with stars in it.

  6. these quilt are so pretty. i love love the stars!