Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tell me you did NOT start something else!?!?

I had a hankering (pardon the pun) to knit but there was a bit of a problem.
 Other than a bit of purl and plain I don't really know how.
I borrowed a book from the library and thought, stuff it, I'll just try anyway.

These are what I managed to make.
Teeny tiny Mary-Jane style booties.
I'm having a crack at a matching bonnet style hat although that has hit a daunting hurdle that will require much You-tubing to master. At least I have my capable instructor to help.

Or at least I did until he ran off with my retro needle cases and all of my Inherited-from-Nana knitting needles.
I even fed my new addiction (I can class it as an addiction already, I had knitting dreams last night!) with a few balls of the good stuff.... Thank you 30% off at Spotlight!

Back to some patchworky, quilting stuff tomorrow...unless I get caught up on Ravelry.....

Ab x


  1. Hmmmm!!! wee booties....
    Great start to your knitting skills...

    Love your little assistant..

  2. It's a winter bug Abbe, hits every year as the wind starts to blow and the icy rain pours down...an inbuilt desire to create old fashioned warmth! I usually succumb but never finish more than a dishcloth or two (although last year I did manage two pairs of wrist warmers for grand type girls) then it's back to the comfort of fabric...hehehe!!

  3. I know, you need to knit a muff to wear at the wedding!
    Well done. I'm in awe. I think all I could produce would be a birds nest.