Monday, April 30, 2012

In the nick of time

Another finish for the 12 in 2012 Challenge from AJ.

I've just finished binding this super bright baby quilt.
I've been hankering to make a rainbow quilt for quite a while.
So I did.

The day after piecing it (while he napped) I decided to stipple quilt it (while he napped - it was a perfectly timed nap from basting to the last stipple :o).
Instead of dropping my feed dogs (which have a broken mechanism and Mr Cp has to take the bottom of the machine off to get them back up) I decided to put some masking tape over them.
It worked a treat.

My stippling still needs practice but I am fairly happy with how it went.

I also used pre-made bias binding for the first.
Next time I'll fully machine it on, not hand stitch it down on the back, but all in all it was good.
Thanks Jules - she's my binding dealer ;o)

Thank you to all those that have filled in the survey, it's a great help.
I'll leave it up for a little longer.

If you haven't yet, go here

Abbe x
Handsome man.
He walks!


  1. I just did the survey.
    Cannot wait!
    And I love that rainbow quilt! Love it!
    You are ace.
    I hope I get to see you soon. x

  2. Oh that's gorgeous! And your stippling is fantastic!!

    I filled in your survey yesterday, but I really wanted to add a comment that I wished you lived closer to Canberra, where I am :(

  3. Great "Rainbow Quilt". How good Master CP slept just long enough to get the lovely stippling done.
    Yep always sew bindings on machine much quicker.
    I have filled out the survey...

  4. Congratulations on the finish! That's a beautiful quilt! :0)

  5. I havent seen you for a while sorry! Im off to do your survey now, x