Sunday, April 22, 2012

We partied!

Mr CP bought Harvey a special present.
A spinning top - remember those?
He loves it. 
He also loves the box it came in.
Do those eyes look a little partied out?
It was a BIG day.
There was a LOT of wonderful prezzies to open. 
Mr CP also made Harvey's birthday cake.
It tasted as good as it looks.
Proof was in the tasting. I ate several pieces as I handed it around :o)

We had a wonderful afternoon with family and friends.
Proof again of just how lucky we are.

I'm hoping to get some sewing in over the next few days. I have been busy at work and with party organising but I'll finally have some crafty time. Other than planning that little wedding shindig....

Ab x


  1. Hey Abbe it looks like there is a-celebrating-aplenty at your place right now.
    You musnt know which one to celebrate first.
    I cant believe the Mr CP baked the cake.
    And you look gorgeous by the way! Nice to see you again.
    Did you make your dress?

    Happy rest of the weekend to you and yours, x

  2. Soo, who enjoyed the party more, you and Mr CP of Harvey?

  3. oops, sorry that should have read "Soo, who enjoyed the party more, you and Mr CP OR Harvey!"

  4. Pleased to see Harvey had a wonderful birthday party. Love his cake Dad....
    Yes I remember the tops...
    Like your frock too Abbe.

  5. Harvey looks tired but happy. It's a hard job turning one! And how cool Mr. CP made the cake! :0)

  6. Hmmm, looks like everything was delicious at Harvey's party even the little man himself tired and all!