Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Then and Now

It started with a kiss...

                               Then there was one of these after some mind bending calculations....

Slinky little belly housing the great unknown. Who'd have thunk it? There's a person in there!!!

The first photo for the album. Yup, that's definitely a Noble nose and a Foxy kid.

Some necessary wardrobe expansion.

New digs and new beds.

Thirty-nine weeks of growth, wiggles, giggles and total freaking out hidden by smiles and doctors visits.

That's a dang BIG BELLY!

I'm so looking forward to meeting the person that is to be. He or she is going to rock my world and I can't wait (actually I can a little, I need to craft a bit more!)
Thank you all for all of the love, support and encouragement on this journey.
My baby is going to be very lucky to have so many wonderful, crafty, god-mother-fairy-aunts.

Abbe x


  1. Oh It is a beautiful BIG belly.

    It is just so exciting when you do meet the little person in there. Looking forward to seeing pics.

    take care and sew fast.

  2. Hey, this gorgeous belly looks so much bigger here than on fb.
    Wishing you joy, bliss and just a bit of puffing and panting

  3. Almost there now! I'm so happy for you guys! :0)

  4. Too funny, Indi almost fell off her chair- she had no idea you were pregnant. I don't think she'll be dinking you around the paddock on the back of her bike for a bit.
    Huge love to you Mrs.
    Hope your boy has cleaned that capsule.

  5. Can't wait to read the next instalment of your fairy tale or to see the belly for real today. Will be avoiding bumps in the road as we drive around!

  6. Looking great Fatguts! All the best Abbe for the next step. Can't wait to see the baby pics x

  7. Not long now, all the best.....


  8. Abbe, ahh, everytime I see you have posted I wonder- ooh, is THIS the 'announcement'- looking forward to 'meeting' your little person when he or she decides to leave their lovely little cocoon they are in now (for them- you mightn't be feeling like it's a lovely little cocoon!)

  9. You look fantastic!!! All the best - get rest rest rest...

    Thinking of you


  10. You look soooo good!
    Ahem. Where are you stretchmarks???? I cant see even one!
    Have great birth. Not long now....

    P s. Mine, on the other hand, go up to my neck

  11. I am with Tanya, I hold my breath each time as I wait for the innernets to bring up your post. Am on tenterhooks waiting over here in Engerland you know!

  12. What a lovely tummy - all the best for the "big squeeze", Enjoy those kicks and squirms

  13. I am so excited! your tummy is looking gorgeous! GORGEOUS! Can't wait for the news so I can get cracking on some little gifts for you!

    enjoy the last week or so - let's hope you don't go too far overdue!


  14. That is the best looking fat guts I think I have ever seen! You look so good! You're even making me a little clucky.....!!
    I can not wait to play Aunty! Love you lots xox