Thursday, March 31, 2011


So we went to the library.
Okay so my library books weren't overdue but I had read them all so we really did go.
Forty weeks and one day...I wonder how many more to go till we meet Baby CP?
I'll keep you posted :o)


  1. I went two weeks over with zjah so anything less than that will be a blessing. Just saying... If I looked as spritely as you do, my dear I wouldnt have minded her taking another two weeks. But. I. Did. Not.
    Hang in there. Or just order chillie pizza and consume it while sitting in a hot bath. My girlfriend swears by that!

  2. Good luck. I went 20 days, 10 days, 14 days and 14 days overdue. Guess who ended up getting induced 3 times. Its so hard with everyone asking if you have had the baby yet. You might get a nice big baby at the end. Not long to go!

  3. I'm always over too.
    Thanks for the post though.
    Eeeeeeeep its all gonna be soon though.

  4. Just remembered Pat was due on April fools day. Sorry to tell you his birthday is the 15th. Just a tad overcooked.

  5. Both Mine came on Time so Not Everyone goes Over...
    All The Best when it Does Deciede to Come..

  6. Yes, I know what that's all about! Hang in there girl, it feels like forever at the time but the thing will really come out in the end!!!

  7. oooh, soo exciting Abe!
    i was over by 12 days on the first.

    goodluck, don't wory too much.

    looking forward to your news ♥

  8. Abbe, baby CP will come when it is ready. Not long now.

  9. They come when they're ready, not when Mom's ready! LOL

  10. msg to your baby-----" come on baby CP Iv'e been waiting for ages already, and your Mumma is somewhat keen to meet you too!" I need to know what colours to use..... Pip MWAH xo

  11. Hang in there, didn't anyone tell you about the 41st week?!!