Monday, March 28, 2011

Not yet (for Trash and Tanya). Lady in waiting

I've had a lovely few days catching up with friends and now I have a free diary. Well other than that small to do list.
Item 1: Have a baby.
Since I don't know when that is going to happen, I am pottering around, baking, sewing and blogging.

Now for some show and tell.
This gorgeous quilt was made by my bloggy mate Terry. She made it with specific instructions that it was to be used and abused by Baby CP, especially for lolling about on the floor and I have no doubt it will be.
Thanks Tez!
The quilt is hanging on the bassinet that Mr CP used as a baby. It was obviously made fairly well as Mr CP is one of TEN and they all used it at one time or another (we probably won't use it in the foot well of the car to transport Baby like they did...). The next generation has given it a good go too. Mr CP's cousin made the stand for it and I think it'll come in handy.

On Saturday I finally got to meet Ms Wendy, one of the most talented ladies in craft.
She  made me a gorgeous and fabulously large pincushion. It's so cool.

I bought these two wonderful pictures from her (painted by her equally talented husband). The fox and owl has special meanings for Mr CP and I so I thought they were perfect for the nursery.

I've finally got to do some of the things on my list for Baby CP. I bought these iron on transfers quite a while ago so I've jazzed up some plain white jumpsuits as well as some bibs I'd bought from Ikea.

And while I've been sewing today I've had my special helper.

Not every machine comes with one of these attachments.

Every now and then I get swatted to give her a pat or she starts nuzzling the machine and then my hands as I'm guiding fabric through.
Yep, true love and an addiction to scratches.

As for Baby CP...he or she seems happily ensconced in Tummy Town so I will continue to be the Lady in Waiting.
Ab xx


  1. You look like you have had a great time!!! Everything looks lovely and just ... well waiting for the new arrival to appear. Its the hardest part ... waiting ... maybe... no... waiting...

    Take care and relax as much as you can

  2. Thank goodness you posted that title. I laughed instead of going into panic mode ;-)

    Liking your machine attachment. Do you think they will be adding it to the standard model?

  3. Abbe, you are too funny, I love that atatchment - I'll have to show you mine ! Its a grey version.

    I can't wait to meet baby CP.....

  4. eeep..I think you might need to post every day from now until you pop just so we know. And I cannot believe you have met Wendy nefore me. Jealous!! And, do you know any crochet or knit stitches at all or are we taking about learning a new craft at 39+ weeks???? XX

  5. Love your to-do list! And you're very welcome for the baby quilt! :0)

  6. Terry made a lovely quilt for Baby CP.
    That is so nice to use the bassinet Mr CP slept in for the baby.
    Motifs look great on bubs things.
    Take care.
    Oh Ab can you send me your new Snail Mail. Only have old one. thanks.

  7. Thanks Abbe! This over excited bloggy friend is thinking about you alot- all the best with labour etc- it's the best, most 'productive' pain you'll have because you get someone very lovely at the end of it. xxx

  8. Hey you sneak! I suppose you have to do something to pass the time so i forgive you.

    Im still gobsmacked by your inner/outer radiance and the fact that i got to feel your tummy when so many others wont.

    Im freaking out at meeting Kate too!

  9. Oh man! Hurry up baby CP!!
    Cute stuff. I live that bub will get to use mr CP bassinet :) wonder if you 2 will get to use it 10 times.... xo