Monday, October 25, 2010

Snow, sweltering sun and sewing

Saturday the 16th of Oct I woke up to this.
Yep, SNOW!
Much fun was had with snowballs and snowflakes.

On Sunday the 17th I flew to Darwin.
A whole week with my bloggy mate Bianca and this is the view from her yard!
More than 30 degrees and beautiful blue skies.
It was sooooo wonderfully warm.

Bianca took me on some sight seeing. We visited the war memorial at Adelaide River and then met up with another blogger, Kirsty. We enjoyed a lovely lunch (yum!) with her and then we made her do show-and-tell. Kirsty has an amazing eye for colour and is making some fabulous things.

We also visited Litchfield National Park where we saw some wonderful water falls, termite mounds and a flame tree or two.

 I also had the wonderful experience of crying with laughter when I turned around at one water hole to find Ms Bianca flat on her back in the water, camera in hand and look of surprise on her face. It took me more than five minutes just to able to pull myself together enough to ask if she was okay. Last night I thought about it again and started laughing out loud in bed. Ahhh laughing at with your there anything better?
 She might be a bit wet and soggy but she was still laughing as she told me to F off!

And this little chestnut is the stunning mini quilt that B made me for the quilt swap we were in. I love it and I think it'll look great in the baby's room no matter what flavour we have. Just need to get a baby's room....
The girl does mighty good points!

And guess what? You're mad and I'm not....
AND on Wednesday I am turning 30!!!!
I'm not quite having the large celebration I had originally been planning. I'm going to save that for my 31st when I have Baby CP ensconced with a babysitter so I can let my hair down (yep, already planning escapes) and really party.

I better have a giveaway as it will also co-incide with my 100th POST.
More details on Wednesday.

Better get some chores done so I can earn some slobbing time this arvo.

A HUGE thanks to Bianca and her munchkins for having me for a week. Funny who you can meet on the internet and amazing that they can turn into real and fabulous, life-long friends. Yep B, you're stuck with me!

Sew well peeps,
Ab xx


  1. hey Ab, great photos. so glad you enjoyed yourself. Happy Happy 30th Birthday for wednesday, hope you have a fantastic day.


  2. What a contrast in weather....

    love your quilt!

  3. that photo is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh I miss bianca and you guys already......

    I won't tell you how many birthdays and special occassions have been dry because I've been pregnant or breastfeeding but it's worth it!

    looks like you had a ball and that quilt is gorgeous

  4. Love a laugh that reignites when you think of the initial laughter inducing incident! Sounds like you guys had an ace time, hooray for you x

  5. What a fabulous week! Bianca is a total crack up isn't she. Lots of birthday hugs and kisses for Wednesday you old fogey. xxx

  6. Looks like you had a great time! What a lovely place to visit! Love the baby quilt matter what flavour you have! LOL Happy birthday to you too! :0)

  7. Sounds like you had a great time. I thought you'd been quiet.

    Hope you're feeling well?

  8. what a great would be so fun to get away with friends and do something like that...especially if you are having snow.

  9. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Looks like you had a great time with Bianca

  10. hey what a great holiday.......thanks to Bianca.....great you can catch up........happy birthday for tomorrow and congrats on your 100 posts..........