Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dirty thirty!


Hello DIRTY!
 More messy than dirty I suppose. Does anyone want to come over and tidy my cutting table?
All is the spirit of gift giving and that.... ;o)
Mose well do the chair as well. A top or two to be quilted, a few threads to be darned in, a bit of this and a bit of that.

What no takers?

Better have a giveaway.
How about $30 to spend on you.
The condition is, you MUST spend it on something you really want. Something from Made It or Etsy or your favourite fabric shop. Or maybe a market on something fabulous and handmade.
Seems fair to me.
(Winner must also clean aforementioned dirty cutting desk)

So what do you have to do? 
Give me your best advice for hitting the age milestone of thirty. Tell me the must knows, especially the ones you wish you had known.
Get it?
Got it.

Have a great International Day of Celebration of Abbe's Birthday Day!
Ab xx


  1. Happy Birthday Miss Abbe!!
    Welcome to the thirties. So far a wonderful decade for me.
    The things I wish I'd known were more about having babies and being a Mum. But nobody could have told me that stuff in advance. You gotta experience it all first.
    So looking forward to seeing you enter this wonderful decade and begin your mothering adventures.
    Andi x

  2. Woo Hoo! Happy Birthday Abbe. The thirties are 'so last year' for me. one thing you should know about being thirty is that it's almost as fantastic as being forty. not quite but almost. my thirties were about finding confidence in myself and having more of an idea about who i wanted to be. have a fantastic day. dirty 30.


  3. Happy Birthday Abbe....well...thirty is not bad...wait until you hit fifty and even that is not bad...but my advice is not to sweat the small stuff and even the big stuff, it all works relly does.

    So...I will come over any time just to play in your piles....they look amazing.

  4. Happy birthday Abbe.
    I hated turning thirty, forty was great fun and fifty was even more wonderful. Then it starts to get hard, bits sag, sink and ache. Things wear out, even the DH starts to look a bit shabby. Enjoy everyday, even the tough ones and relish life AND take lots of photos of yourself, you'll never be this young again.

  5. Hello darling birthday girl. Hoping that you have an absolutely fabulous day. Turning 30 is fun, I was in hospital for mine having just given birth and life took a whole new turn. Having become 5o this year my advice to you looking back on those years would be-don't stress the small stuff, laugh everyday, enjoy every moment, take lots of photos, keep momentos, write journals because when you look back you want to be able to remember-EVERYTHING. Don't waste your time on fairweathered friends, keep true friends it makes such a difference, stay healthy and love yourself no matter what age you are. Be happy. Smile.

  6. Happy Birthday Abbe!
    The only advice that I have is to enjoy yourself as much as you can, and make the most of every moment. Don't stress about the things you cannot change either.
    I hope you have a super fabulous 30th birthday celebration!

  7. PS - My other advice - wear bikinis while you still can (even with your new bump)!

  8. Happy Birthday Abbe!
    My advice to you is
    unless it is for sewing projects or pillow slips - I have to iron the pillow slips!
    Hope you have a great day :)

  9. Happy birthday Abbe! I was pregnant when I was 30 too and my advice is ... sleep! It will never be the same again :) and maybe not compete with Bianca with the fabric buying - she wins. I guess I am close enough to help with the clean up if you really really want me too. Have a great day

  10. Most of my advice has already been given to you. It would be sleep, while you still can, wear bikinis and outrageously high heels (not necessarily together) while you still can, keep a journal, specially when baby CP arrives, cos your memory will start to go now you're old (giggle), accept yourself (and others) as you are, and above all, enjoy life.

    Happy, happy birthday, although I suppose it's almost over now.

  11. Buy up now on fabric because after you have a baby, fabric purchasing kind of slips down the importance ladder and there doesn't seem to be as much "left over" money for those purchases. Nappies, Drs. visits, new prams, breast pads etc kind of take priority for a while.

    My only other piece or worldly advice is don't spend time with people who make you miserable, stick with the ones who make you happy. Life's to short.

    Ditto on the sleep, bikini and high heels comments above too.

    Hope you had a fantabulistic day. xxx

  12. I beat you to thrity by just 11 I'm not really one for giving advice...but I've been very tired for the past week...might have something to do with being 30?? lol

    Happy Birthday!

  13. happy birthday....i have no great advice on being 30. i personally did not handle it well. i was weepy all through fancy dinner with my husband.

    wish i could help you with that about i help you and you help me. mine is looking quite the same, but it is in a hamper on a table, and on a sideboard...oh wait i almost forgot the pile on the iron board.

  14. Happy Birthday Abbe.

    Just enjoy everyday as time slips by very quickly.

  15. Happy Birthday Abbe! I honestly don't remember turning 30. I know it was before I had my kids, but beyond that I'm drawing a blank! Hope your day is more memorable! And all I can say is make the most if it! :0) soon should I be there to help you tidy up your sewing stuff? When we finish at your place, you can come over and help me with mine! LOL

  16. Happy Birthday Abbe. Hope you had a wonderful day and relaxed. The only advice I can give is make sure you keep some time for yourself always. Wait until the naughty forties, then the fun really begins

  17. Happy Birthday Abbe. 30 is a long way back for me but I agree with most of the comments, wear that bikini now, sleep, sleep and more sleep, especially with a baby on the way and most importantly have fun.

  18. Happy 30h Abbe. I LOVE being in my 30's - it is such a great age and a time where I am enjoying being a family - gone are the teens and twenties:)

    Hope that you had an enjoyable day.

  19. Happy birthday you gorgeous birthday girl!
    You so don't want me anywhere near your mess or I'll only make more.
    My sewing area is so full of crap you have to walk on things to get in.
    My advice is not to take any of it too seriously, to have fun, to dance and play and to trust in yourself more than in what they are telling you because you know best. Oops I almost forgot the most important one: spend lots of time with Kate! yay!

  20. Ummmmm.. Ive got nothing. No . Wait.
    Do everything you want to to before you hit 40! x

  21. I love it all.... all of the above. I remember my mum saying that her 30's were the best. I'm only 32 but I can see things happening that were just pipe dreams before. Anything is possible, make it happen.

  22. You really took me back with 'dirty thirty'...That was the theme for my 30th birthday party and my Mum even made me a giant pair of boobs as a cake.

    What a party...

    My advice is to not waste any time with stupid worries about aging. The thirties are such a powerful, fun and fabulous time for women - embrace and enjoy. Life's too short for bullshit worries. I think 30 was when I started to learn that.

    Happy birthday.