Friday, October 29, 2010

Belly Dancer

5 Weeks and the Day We Found Out!
18 Weeks
And to think some girl in a shop said, "Ha. You don't look pregnant." This will wipe the look of skepticism off her pimply teen face! (enjoy your career at Dotti, ya cow!) That's either a winter in a very chocolaty paddock or that's a baby belly!

God my belly was nice to start with even if I do say so myself. Now all you 'god-fairy-mother-aunts' better start praying with me that one day I get that back ;o)

Before you say it Kate no I am NOT wearing a bra.
I took off my new E cup bra as it was bras off o'clock.
To think they are still growing...

Don't forget the giveaway lovelies!

Ab x


  1. oohhh, how exciting. I wonder who is growing in your belly. Clever body x

  2. ssschweet baby belly! enjoy the pregnancy girl, life will never be the same again once that kid is on the outside.

    in a good way ;0)

    of course.


  3. Nice abs Abs!! Oh hold onto your horses, bosoms take on a whole new dimension (dementia'n) when you're pregnant, just given birth then breastfeeding!! Looking awesome & no, no shop assistant has a clue when they say horrible things like that. I never say 'small' i say 'neat'. I was not a neat pregnant type, single, twins, 4th baby, all just like a big fat blob!! Pats to baby, love Posie

  4. OK .... my belly is bigger than that and my bra is an F cup!
    And I'm NOT pregnant!!
    You feeling any little kicks yet? I loved those!
    Andi x

  5. WHAT?????????????????
    Did someone say E cup??????
    Better get some cleavage tops happening.
    Love the guts pics. XX

  6. Amazing to think that someone lives in there. How perfect is that.
    I know what you mean Andi. Me too!

  7. what a lovely baby belly...i need to get a shot of mine in the next few weeks to show how big one of these puppies can get@

  8. Oh No You Dihhnt (line from a movie) Take a side on picture of your guts that is. Why would you go and do something silly like that! Okay, okay. Take them then, but dont look at them until after the baby is born.
    better go buy an F honey

  9. Oh wow, I'd be happy if my fat jiggly belly looked like your lovely baby belly!

  10. Just love you baby belly Ab.
    Hope we get progress shots.
    Keep well.

  11. Oh there's Bubs!! Hi Bubs! LOL I honestly wish I had more photos from when I was pregnant. So good for you taking belly pics! :0)

  12. Looks like a darn good baby belly to me!

  13. Blimey I wish my baby belly looked that good!!!
    I agree with Kate - get that cleave out there while you can!!

  14. Hey there lovey guts.... 'E' cup!!!!!!!!!!!! Am grining very widely. See you soon

  15. Bras off O'clock is my favourite time of the day....just before wine O'clock

  16. How the HECK did I miss that? CONGRATULATIONS.

    Just to be all too much information, I have irrefutable evidence that post birth and while breastfeeding, it is possible to achieve a G (yes I said GEE) size bra. After that point there's no joy in bras off o'clock.

  17. Very Cute Baby Belly you have there...had a lol at the Bra o'clock..know what ya mean Exciting..

  18. Congratulations Abbe, wonderful news. Hope it all goes smoothly for you.

  19. You have a tiny baby belly... honestly... but please try not to think too much about what your belly/body looked like before.... it will never look exactly like that again, because having a baby will change your shape... you will look great again, but not the same... there might be stretch marks... your boobs might sag... your hips might grow a few inches... i mourned my pre-baby body for quite some time... and finally coming to an acceptance that I am not going to have the body I had in my 20's back :D but having a child is worth it... and honestly your focus will change a lot afterwards... good luck... it's such an exciting time!

  20. looking gorgeous

    (and much the same size as my 18 week postpartum belly!)