Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh yeah, I meant to blog that

A hankering for hot cakes.

 Turned into this.
Then we did a bit of this. We all need mags for inspiration sometimes.
Then I finished this top. About bloody time, I know. It has been sitting in rows for ages. Loving it.
I promise it's much brighter and fab in real life. My camera has a knack for bleaching colour from everything. I'm on the lookout for a big girl camera. Any tips of do's and don't would be greatly appreciated!
And yes I'm still working on the Purple Wonder. Sporadically.

And this is a tease because I am a tease....

Another relaxed day today. I'm being sucked in by the lameness of the midday movie then I'm going to sewing heaven (upstairs where my sewing space is) and gonna play.
Then I'll top of my day with a sewing session with some local ladies. Nice.

Sew well peeps,


  1. That quilt top is so pretty! I love all the Amy Butler prints you've used.

    (PS. When my little camera washes colour out of a photo, I just pop it into Picnik (online) or a basic app like Microsoft Office Picture Manager and turn up the "saturation" on the colour. Not good photographic practice I'm sure, but works a treat!)

  2. For a second there I thought you were branching out and sewing a top. You know a top that you wear. The hot cakes look yum!
    Have fun tonight. I'll be missing ya. X

  3. Sounds like a great idea,the hot cakes and you didn't leave a crumb.
    Your quilt looks good.
    Youare a tease?????
    Hope you enjoyed sewing with your friends.

  4. Yummy hot cakes. I'm looking forward to seeing the Purple Wonder.

  5. Sounds like you had a great day.

  6. OoooOOOOoooooo you are a tease!! Cheeky! And I love my Nikon DSLR.....but most of the bloggers out there use a Canon. xox

  7. The top looks gorgeous, but well those hotcakes just look divine.
    Yummo !! Wish I was over at yours when they were around.x

  8. big girl camera huh? i love my canon digital. your pancakes are making me hungry!!!

  9. We all know you are a tease. We have all been here for braless Wednesdays you know ;-)

  10. Love the quilt top! Do you mean the purple wonder isn't done yet?? LOL

  11. Lookin good. Food and quilt work. Tease.