Thursday, September 2, 2010

Come fly with me!

This months 1st Wednesday Block Swap was a pretty free brief - birdies! I've gone for three simple tweeters (nothing to do with IPhoned people updating the world of their every move) using the material supplied. It kinda makes me want a birdie quilt now....

Very sadly I've just found out my June block was never received :o( I put lots of effort in and Australia Post or some letterbox thief has let me down. Bum!

Edit: It turns out the recipient DOES have my block. Phew! All apologies Aus Post and postal burglars!!!

Mr CP is happily ensconced in the CP household and you'll need a crow bar to get us out because the house is FULL of stuff. Who knew two houses worth of stuff would be hard to fit into one little house?
Although I've sacrificed half the sewing space, I only gave up the boring side where I hung the clothes to dry anyway. It's a little squashy but I'm pretty sure I can still have plenty of sewing fun.

Ab x


  1. Love the birds block. Sad about the june one, though ive heard some things find their way eventually. Heres hoping, x

  2. Loving your wee tweets Abs. They are really sweet. Right then, so Mr CP in the house then, mmmmmm, don't know what to say about that but of course knowing you so well, it will be separate rooms- lol. OMG what are we going to do about bra-less Wednesdays or was it Thursdays? You can't do it with mr CP there, what would he think??

  3. No, no, no, not blokey stuff in your lovely sewing loft!!!! Buy him a shed.

  4. well as long as you mark your territory all will be well, glad you have a full time bed warmer now , nice work ;)

  5. I'm glad Mr CP is safely moved in now.

    I love your birdie blocks, they are really cute.

  6. I love the birdy block too.
    Its gorgeous!
    And hooray for the boy moving in.Yay!

  7. so glad it was found. I blame sneaky workers at Aus Post quite a bit for my missing goodies.
    Birdy block is so sweet

  8. LOVE the birdy block! great colours and feel

  9. Hey Abbe! I like your little birdies, sweet! Or should that be tweet? Glad you two love birds have moved in together, sounds like you are off to a good start. Have fun! Oh, craft night is NOT this Monday but the next, ok? xo

  10. Hello Abbe,

    I can see the birdie block being made into a quilt. Glad your block turned up in the end.
    Happy Monday.

  11. Hope the boy move (and moving over) is working brilliantly. The Mr and I found it necessary to navigate a few territorial issues in the beginning (er, first few years). So, so, so glad Australia Post and postal burglars are innocent as charged.