Sunday, October 18, 2009

High tea for two

This was my day :)

Yep, that is copious amounts of cakes, slices and A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!! Yum yum yum! I took my dear friend Jo to the The Windsor in Melbourne for her birthday (this years gift :) I had been told it was rather wonderful but it was even better than I'd imagined. We ate SO MUCH! I had one cucumber sandwich but to be honest I didn't want to waste the tummy space with silly, healthy things. I can recommend it to anyone. The service was great and the food was even better.

I came home and got straight back into the quilting this evening. I have a little bit more to do and then the binding. I should have it in the mail and heading to my step-mum by Wednesday. Doesn't my white glove look sexy? They definitely make a difference and easy to get used to. I decided to cross hatch the patterned material and stitched a half inch in on the plain blocks. I'm actually quite happy with how it has turned out. I just hope my step-mum likes and gives it lots of use.

Time to darn in some ends while I watch some tv,
Abbe :P


  1. Wow, I love the look of the chocolate fountain!

  2. Ok, it is off to the High Tea I go!
    Your step-mum's quilt looks lovely, what is the design? Oh.........and did you send it off?!