Friday, October 9, 2009

'Feedback' and a bit of showing off.

As I posted yesterday, I have recently acquired a lovely antique Lone Star quilt. The week before that, during my forays on Ebay I purchased some antique Rose of Sharon blocks as well as a few others. There weren't many pictures and not many close-ups of the blocks when they were advertised. They were described as having a few small 'water marks and spots'.

When I received them I was extremely disappointed. They are splotchy and dirty all over and not worth the extra cost of postage from the states. I guess you win some and lose some BUT I was peeved tonight to find a very aggressive message from the seller. She has gone to town, yelling at me IN CAPITALS, telling me to change my feedback. It's kind of funny because the feedback I left - out of the choice of Positive, Neutral and Negative - was Neutral. I could have been negative but I thought it wasn't the end of the world so I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and be nice. Her email says that I HAVE to change my feedback to Positive and that I must be young and not know about Ebay.... All very strange.

I thought the idea of feedback was to garner an honest response. It kind of defeats the purpose if you try and bully someone into saying what you want to hear.

On a brighter note, Jo has been showing off her quilt and has sent me some better pics. The hands and other body parts hiding behind it are her folks. Apparently they like it :)
I'm so happy that she loves it. As tough as they can be to give away, when you know they are loved it all becomes worth it.
Happy quilting,
Abbe :)

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  1. That is a brilliant photo of the quilt and does it much more justice than the picture taken on the couch!
    Looks like you will be sewing one for her Mum and Dad!