Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Birthday Wish GIVEAWAY

Today is my 29th birthday. Woo Hoo!!!
Although it's a day that is all about me (or at least it is in my head) I decided to share and make some of the day about all of you in blogland. So I'm having my first GIVEAWAY.

Oh, and I wanted to celebrate my 20th post too!!!!!

I'm giving away a lovely Moda charm pack of stunning oriental fabric called 'Momoyama' as well as excellent quality Straw Needles from Jeana Kimball at Foxglove Cottage, a DMC cross stitch of blossoms which are very similar to the one in my front yard and some wool felt flowers which would look great added to a bag.

To win, all I want to know is.......what are your birthday wishes? Tell me about your top three birthday wishes. Just leave me a comment and flatter me by becoming a follower. I'll draw the winner on the 1st of November.

These are my three;

Kisses. Lots and lots of kisses.....

Lolling about with my best mate (or one of them anyway), sharing a laugh and relaxing.....

And..... glorious sunshine and blue blue skies, making my day just that bit brighter.

Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Sew happy!

Abbe :)


  1. Happy birthday!!!!!

    My top three family friends and food....especially if its something special made by my Mum....pavlova, sponge cake or similar, oh and lots of chocolate of course. Mmmm, only three weeks and mines here too.

  2. oh look, here I am!!

    My 3 wishes would be more time to quilt, a house-slave to do all the housework and cooking, have my son and family move nearer so we could see more of them.

  3. Hope you had a lovely day Abbe.

    My three wishes would be.

    Live closer to my family
    Live even closer to the beach
    Own a fabric shop for my very own stash.

  4. Happy Birthday ! Hope you get all you wish for !

  5. Happy birthday!
    My three wishes would be:
    -to have family near me
    -come many friends
    -to receive gifts

  6. My three wishes:

    Instantly lose all this excess weight...I'm obese

    To MAKE time to quilt so I can make many quilts for posterity's sake. I have 6 grown kids I'd like to leave quilts to...

    To live in a place like Equidor or Uraguay where the temp fluctuates from 50-80 degrees year round. These northern Maine temps leave my bones cold and aching for 9 months of the year!

  7. 3 birthday wishes for you
    * a dreamy walk in a rose filled garden
    * a romantic candle- lit dinner
    * many hours of happy quilting on a new sewing machine

  8. I love birthdays that go for a couple of weeks as you gradually catch up with everyone. Hope you are enjoying yourself in the sun and getting all your wishes.

  9. Happy Birthday!! Well it looks like your three wishes came true!! Lucky you!! I have three daughters- the eldest just turned 29 too! My three wishes involves them...I wish they lived closer to home so that I could see them at LEAST once a month! Have a wonderful birthday and Happy Halloween!
    Take care!

  10. I forgot to thank YOU for having such an awesome give-away!! Love it! See what happens when you have to think before you enter...you forget your manners..Please excuse mine! Paulette ;o)

  11. Whoops....Sue gave me your link....:o0
    My mind is jello.....