Monday, September 28, 2009

When did my eyes get so old?

On my last post was the sneaky pic of the quilt that I'm trying to finish asap - a deadline that has passed nearly a year ago but I will NOT let it be a whole year!!!
Anyway, I looked at the post and thought 'Wow! That black thread looks'

In the cold and yet much more bright light of day I realised that I had been using a navy blue thread. Fortunately I've only done about 10cm of binding so I pulled it out. I got about three metres done today. In black. So I'm well on my way there. I am actually enjoying it this time which is very unusual for me. I usually find it to be a chore but that's probably because I'm itching to get onto the next thing.

I've started writing my first pattern. I've decided it's much more fun playing with fabric but figure if I get into the habit of writing first and then doing the fun stuff, I might just get some patterns finished. That's the plan anyway. Then I can make the zillion changes to the pattern after I realise my design has flaws :) I'm sure there is method to my madness.

Happy binding,

Abbe :P

Please note - blog edited due at third parties request.


  1. Very sweet about your Dad, I miss my Dad every day! Congratulations on taking the plunge into pattern writing! Very proud of you! xxx

  2. I know about going backwards when trying to make a quilt. Glad you are on track now.
    Love the pic of you and your Dad.
    Good on you for designing patterns. I will be the one using them.

  3. So glad your dad is doing well , now get back to that quilt , lol !