Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have spent the first two days of spring with my hands in the earth, digging, weeding, pruning. Oh and on my credit card buying 10 fruit trees. I have some holes to dig over the weekend. Lots of holes!
I had an early knock off at work today so it was straight back into the garden when I got home. I planted up a blueberry, some strawberries and raspberries as well as weeding the herb garden.

Now I'm dreaming of berries in cream, berry pie, blueberry muffins....yum. Bring on the harvest.

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and daffodils.

Abbe :)


  1. Abbe,
    I love berries too.....especially with cream. Yum!!

  2. Great work. Those fruit and berries will be fabulous. I'm not sure where you are in Northern Vic but there is a great wholesale fruit tree nursery at Ardmona if you need any more tree. I got mine for $10 each and they are doing really well. Nice blog too. :0)