Thursday, September 10, 2009


Once again my willpower has crumbled. I barely resist fabric purchases at the best of times but the word 'fabric sale' almost give me palpitations.

Threadneedle Craft at Daylesford ( has a reopening sale after moving sites so I popped over this morning and bought a few necessities.
For some people it's shoes, for some it is handbags. Fabric is my thing.
I've taken the first step and admitted my problem. Funnily enough I am happy to stay at this step.
Does anyone else have the same compulsion?
Now more binding I must sew.
Abbe :)


  1. There is nothing like an obsession to make you human - you say fabric, I say chocolate! Your work is truly fabulous! Good work Abbe! xxx

  2. And I'm 'I Need a Logo' too - just trying to get my new profile right!

  3. Oh Abbe I see some fabric jumped into your bag! lovely choices