Sunday, September 1, 2013

No, really, I do still sew stuff..... sometimes

I finished this quilt a couple of months ago. It's another one for The Retreat
It was always my intention for all of the beds to have quilts, which they do, but there are a few of my special ones there so I'm slowly making more so that I can bring those faves home.
This pic is really washed out due to the light coming in the bedroom window - it's actually a lovely buttery yellow and charm squares from 'Celebration' by Lecien. 

This is Harvey's quilt.
He managed to get to the ripe old of age of two and a half before I'd made him his own special quilt. Not that I haven't bought the fabric for lots of potential quilts for him.... 
I was going to raw edge applique his initials but I'm not happy with how the fabric is fraying so I'll remove these and do some needle turn ones.
It's inspired by the Scrappy trip around the World quilts but with novelty fabrics and a rainbow of solids.
He loves eye spying all the different animals, cars, planes, bikes etc etc

This quilt was started several years ago as part of a Block Swap Bee.
I didn't like it for ages but decided it needed to be finished and now I love it. 
It was suggested its name should be the Washi Quilt as the strips look like Washi tape.
It's the perfect name since the six rolls of Washi tape that I own are either silver or green. 
It will go to The Retreat too. 
This last quilt has become a favourite even though it started out as just a way to use the leftover charm squares from the first quilt pictured. I bodged some scraps of Jules and dived through my fat quarters and scrap box and came up with a quilt that I love.
It's going to be gifted to someone special just as soon as I work out what to bind it in so I'll show more when that's done.
This one is another 'just because' quilt. It's not really for any purpose other than the fabrics kept yelling at me from their spot on the shelf near my machine.
The range is Cuzco by Kate Spain. Her base cloth for her ranges is really, really lovely to touch.
I've ordered some fabric for backing and binding because lately I've gotten a bee in my bonnet about having the right backing, not just any old thing. It never used to worry me because it was just the back...I guess I've changed :o)

Ab x


  1. That worry thing? It's cos you're getting old luv ;-)

  2. Your quilts all look great! The one with the greens reminds me of stacks of books! :0)

  3. Your have been making some beautiful quilts...

  4. All beautiful as usual. Love the Washi Quilt idea.

  5. Not only do you still sew, you still sew some beautiful quilts.

  6. Hee hee, your title made me laugh. That is JUST how I feel these days. I lashed out and bought a new machine last year and feel like I haven't sewn seriously since!!! My sewy/quilty friends are coming around Wednesday and I can't wait to get stuck back into it! Beautiful quilts (I especially like the washi one!)