Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Get Fresh!

So I finally found time to freshen up the blog a bit.
It's not perfect but it will do for now. At least my description now has me mothering the correct amount of kids!

A few lovely people have asked me how Harvey is going.
Other than appearing to need glasses lately.....

He's doing really, really well.
He's so much fun at the moment and his personality is developing by the day.
He's a bit cheeky but also has wonderful manners which seems pretty good for two and a half.
He loves to eat 'lumpch' (lunch) and answering the 'frump' (front) door.
Feckfast has become bekkist and no doubt will soon be breakfast. I'm not sure when his beatbix will morph into wheatbix but I'll be a little bit sad when it does.

Earlier this week Lachy tried his first solids.
A bit of mushy apple.
How eager does he look? 
Aaaaannnnddddd not impressed. 
He much prefers to hold the spoon, whack himself in the head, poke himself in the eye a few times and then suck on it.
A little bit more eating practice needed for my little bug.... 
Harvey has started to enjoy having his photo taken so we're starting to do a lot of 'selfies'. 
We just need to work out how to get Lachy to look in the right direction.

Ab x


  1. Love the picture of the three of you! I have one of the four of us when the kids were little...Emily was maybe one if that and had her finger up her nose! LOL

  2. You never know it may keep going on for a while, my boy was 10ish before he stopped saying "othen" for oven.

  3. Awwww, love the blog makeover. Missed you on here.xx

  4. Love your new header, there are some great photos there.

    Harvey looks a real cheeky monkey, and his red glasses are very smart. I think sometimes the baby words get kept in the family. We still have elbels instead of elbows (from my DD) and we eat chinken (DGS) and things get bronken (another DGS).

  5. Oh, yes we have kept lots of baby words long past the baby stage. My favourite is "sanks" instead of "thanks" and I find myself saying it wat too often. Loved spending a little bit of the day with your boys, great photos.

  6. Great blog update Abbé. Really enjoyed visiting with the boys and you....