Friday, January 11, 2013

Stripping - even the nice girls are doing it

Now, for all those doing Google searches for other kinds of stripping, sorry to disappoint,  I'm talking about fabric strips.
I've managed to get caught up in the craze of the Scrappy Trip Around The World (#scrappytripalong on Instagram) which stemmed from a great tutorial at by Bonnie Hunter.
I know I would have never done a Bargello or Trip Around the World quilt, just not my style but this grabs me because I am finally cutting into my huge stash of fat quarters. 

Just like my un-stuck sticker collection when I was a kid (I always kept them as they were because I didn't want to 'waste' them....) my fat quarters mostly remain untouched.
Or they did.
These are the block I've done so far - I can imagine I'm going to have 'fun' organising and reorganising placement. I am making 36 blocks, which are 12" finished.
I am aiming for a dark fabric through the middle of each block but otherwise it's random.
I know I'm going to make another because I've been cutting double the amount of strips I you do.

On a super happy note, Copper Patch House has finally got a couch.
Big deal you think?
We have some comfy outdoor furniture but it certainly wasn't the same as stretching out in the proper veg-out position. Something that was very hard to deal with when I was suffering the horrendous morning sickness.

I think we got enough couch....

I need to scale up the size of cushions that I make - this is the first of many planned using the colourful Denyse Shmidt ranges, Hope Valley and Chicopee.

Happy Days,

Another reminder -  Craft n Chat at The Retreat is this weekend, still some places available.
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  1. Your stripping blocks are looking great...
    WOW that is a HUGE couch.......

    Hope you are feeling better...

  2. The post I was reading before this has these pics. Think if I do one I make play around a bit. less sheep like baa baa teehee

  3. That looks like a fun way to deal with a stash as well. Must remember some time when I've not got so much to do. Nice couch, bet Harvey loves it.

  4. Love your new couch and, yes, new cushions are called for.........big ones. I am also ready to start stripping this afternoon. I did a sample block and its very easy, that one is now a bag.