Saturday, January 26, 2013

Right of passage

I thought it was time that Harvey learned to bake.
We made chocolate chip cookies. He was my chief flour flinger - the clean up took a while but it was worth enjoying his enthusiasm.

The most important lesson and the right of passage was of course the opportunity to lick the beater. 
It took some fierce concentration

but as you can see, he's a natural.
It's been a bit mental around here, we needed to swap rooms around to prepare for the new bubba which has meant moving my craft room. That was all going well until we realised that things weren't going to fit quite the way I'd hoped (and the way I'd measured...)
Crisis averted with a few changes to furniture.
I finally got some sewing done last night, starting this cushion for my friends daughter who is being Christened tomorrow. I finished it today so tonight I can get stuck into some UFO's now that I have some momentum going. 

Happy Sewing lovelies,
Abbe x


  1. I love Harvey's enthusiasm for baking. Great pics.

  2. Good to see you are ok and Harvey having some fun. Great cushion and take it easy.