Thursday, November 22, 2012

The last few weeks

So for a solid week we felt like this
Which made us do this 
And then even this (but at least there's smiles). 

Fortunately he felt all better so I went off and visited my favourite crafty girl.
She gave me lemons so I made lemon curd and she gave me eggs so I made pav.

That meant we had to do some of this 

That required some of this

Last night we tried a fresh strawberry and yoghurt face mask - it definitely has miracle youthful powers. See? 
In between all of that other stuff I grown more of this

21 weeks

Every now and then I've worked on this for Mr Fox.

So that's the last couple of weeks for me.
Fortunately we're all healthy and happy again and full of yummy pav so life is pretty sweet.

Happy sewing,
Ab x


  1. Oh, man, you are SO mean for putting that 3rd photo on. I was thinking about lunch, but nor sure now! Yuk!

  2. I'm glad you're all better now! And look at that belly! Seems like just yesterday you were showing off your first baby bump! :0)

  3. I agree with Bec. that third photo is a ripper. Poor Harvey I am so pleased he is all better.
    You are growing a nice tummy their..

  4. Poor little Harv. Let me know if he gets a cold again....I'll send more lemons. Mr Cp's quilt looks amazing. Loved having you for a visit. Pity we weren't closer.

  5. Glad little Harvey is better and you got too you certainly are growing quickly...cute.

  6. Hmmm....what does one have to do to get on the favourite crafty girl list?. Yours, ever blog lurking p xo Mwahxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooo. Ps how's the gnocci coming along.