Friday, November 2, 2012

My kind of Auction

Many of you know my friend Bianca, those that don't, she's over here.
She's good fun, crafty and a mum to four.

For the last year she and her family having been facing a huge challenge.
Her oldest daughter, Maybelle, was diagnosed with Leukemia just over a year ago.
(Maybelle October 2011 and October 2012)
Maybelle, is still undergoing treatment but so far she is responding well and all things going to plan, will recover and go on to live a full and normal life.

Her wish is to travel to America and see the Ellen DeGeneres show live.
As overseas travel is not covered by the Make a Wish Foundation, Bianca and her crafty co-horts are fundraising.

There is a Facebook Auction starting on Monday the 5th of November.
Bidding will be as simple as leaving your bid in the comment section of that item.
There are over 100 different items to bid on from stunning quilts, fabric bundles, handmade clothes and non-crafty items like MP3 players and hair straighteners.
Something for everyone.

Go take a look and think about shopping for Christmas.

Abbe xx

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  1. Have ya'll posted a message to Ellen? I think she tweets.

    Good Luck :) Yuki