Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We're open for business from July 14th, 2012.
Our five bedroom house comfortably sleeps 10.
Beautiful kitchen with huge double oven.
Stunning Hanging Rock is only 10 minutes away.

After several years of planning we are finally launching The Retreat.
It's a dream turning into reality for me and I hope that we'll help fulfill some crafty dreams of yours. The house can be booked for Weekends, Weeks and Mid-Week.  

More pics will be added to the Website once we have finished off furnishing the house.
for bookings and enquiries.

Keep an eye out for a GIVEAWAY that begins at the end of this week.

A huge thanks to all of my Crafty Friends for all of the encouragement. You know who you are,
Abbe x


  1. Fantastic Abbe and I hope its full of great times for you and other crafty peeps

  2. I want to go now! Well done, I know how long you have been dreaming about this. So exciting that it has come to fruition.

  3. Oh wow love it. A dream of mine too as well as my own patchwork shop, oh well just have to keep teaching classes instead.
    I wish you all the best...

  4. just gorgeous Abbe, congratulations. I would love to spend some time there.

  5. Go you! Congrats on your new venture.

  6. Congratulations Abbe on the opening of "The Retreat".
    I remember you talking about it long ago..
    Wonderful to see it all happening for you.

  7. Congratulations Abbe, it truly looks fabulous. I can see a summer weekend coming up...

  8. Congratulations Abbe, it looks wonderful. I wish you great success and heaps of fun

  9. Wow Abbe, looks beautiful and I remember you talking about this a couple of years ago. I am definitely goona come over one day but you better be there to greet me! Harvey is looking gorgeous!

  10. WAHOO, I am so thrilled for you Abs. How wonderful that this has all come to fruitation for you, I am thrilled. Now I'll just have to organise a trip over.

  11. This is fantastic news!
    Yours will be the first place we book for a 'retreat' once weve settled down a bit after moving again!
    Even if it ends up just me and the Mr cutting out (im sure it wont be though).
    Congratulations! x

  12. This looks fabulous, congrats Abs. I wish it was a bit closer so I could come and retreat there!

    I'm sure it'll be a huge success.