Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fabric Search

I'm on the hunt for a fabric. I have been having the worst luck in the search for it (admittedly it is a bit older) and have ordered it from two different stores, paid, only to then find out that they had much less than advertised and therefore not enough. I'm after at least two yards/meters of it.

I thought some of you might have a LPS (local patchwork shop) that may not be online and you could point me in the right direction....

I'm after Lecien 'Celebration' in this pale yellow:

2608y Fabric by Lecien

Sew well ladies,

Abbe :o)


  1. I'll keep my eyes open sweet.

  2. Upon prolonged investigation of my extensive fabric collection I have discovered....
    a. I don't have any of that fabric.
    b. I have way too much of every other fabric ever made.

  3. I will have look up here on Monday

  4. Sorry Abbe can't help you with that fabric.
    Good luck with your serch.

  5. It shows available here in Brisbane website.

    If you put the number. 2608 y in the search part on their website it comes up as available

  6. Sorry I can't help, but hopefully someone else will be able to.

  7. Have you checked with Quilt Fabric Delights? I know they did stock it and but I only have some red and green of that range. Good luck!

  8. That's pretty fabric! I hope you can find what you need! :0)