Friday, July 23, 2010


When you live somewhere cold you need to find inside activities.
A 1500 piece puzzle was always going to take a while. Why oh why I decided to use my large cutting mat as the backing board is a question I've been asking myself!

What I didn't know is that Mr CP is a puzzle monster. He got this weird look in his eyes and couldn't seem to walk away...the last two mornings he got up early just for some puzzle time.
The first night I suggested we puzzle he admitted he could happily (and addictively) stay up all night just to do it. Freak.

I shouldn't support an addict but....
This is the next one!
Less pieces but a bit of trick because you don't get the actual picture. You have to figure out what the man at the front can see. This is sure to cause more red eye moments.

As for sewing...this is what I have done for my little Hexalong. I'm liking how it is looking but I need to get my skates on and get more sewing done.
I'm also working on a secret project but that's a secret.....

Sadly I have spending time doing this.
Apparently it's something you are supposed to do. Grrrr I gotta win lotto and get a maid. I'd be nice to her. Or him. Might even make them a quilt. Just as long as they cleaned so I don't have too.

Abs x


  1. Puzzles are fun. Congrats on winning Curlypops software giveaway. Great news

  2. Puzzles can be quite addictive and this is one where I can totally empathize. I wish I could do some puzzles here, but with 3 cats, I am sure that the puzzle pieces would not be where I had put them the night before.

  3. You really know how to party at your place don't you? Puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles. I'm just jealous as large puzzles with lots of small pieces are kind of impossible to have around a house full of kids. Oh well, life goes on. Hey!!! You're a winner! Congrats xo

  4. I have an addiction to puzzles too. They are fun and great time wasters. Hope you find a maid soon.

  5. I love puzzles too! When I have one out, I can't leave it alone until it's done! That's why I don't do them very often. I want a maid too, but it's not happening. LOL

  6. I don't have time to do puzzles but they are additive.

    EEEEKKKKKK!!!! What's that black thing you have on your blog.

    Have a great weekend Abbe.

  7. Abbe make sure you don't start the next puzzle on your cutting board. Those Wasjig puzzles are "hell"

  8. I HAVE to finish puzzles once they are started too. Thats why I haven't done one for a while.....I need sleep.

    Nice hexies.

    Good luck winning lotto!

  9. Hey I've just seen about your software win - congratulations. Just think how great you'll be able to make all your documents, spreadsheets, etc look with that.

    As for that "thing" at the bottom of your post, I think you should be banned from posting for a month for frightening us all like that!

  10. I LOVE puzzles.
    I have another one of those no picture ones if you want to borrow it sometime. Loving your hexies too. Hope you are keeping warm and havnga wonderful weekend. X

  11. That second puzzle just looks scary!
    Don't stress too much about the vacuuming, I'm pretty sure it's overrated.