Monday, July 12, 2010

Good out of Bad

The topic of organ donation is a personal thing and it some ways it's a taboo subject. Western society has a strong fear of death. It's almost as if we think we are jinxing ourselves if we talk about it.
It also means we are squeamish when it comes to talking about donating our organs.
In Australia if you register to donate your organs, your family can veto that decision when the actual time comes.
I have told both my dad and my partner to 'farm em out!' because I can't use them when I'm dead.
Should it happen anytime soon - hold them to it!!!

I'm happy to say that the lives of several people are going to change for the good because my workmate and her family have decided to donate her husbands organs.

Some good can come out of bad.

Thanks for all the bloggy love and kind words.
Ab x 


  1. Something we all need to think about. I have no hesitation and my family know.
    My thoughts go to the family involved and the wonderful decision they have made in such a tough tiem.

  2. Oh thank goodness some good can come from such a terrible event. When I read your post on the weekend, I was hoping and praying the he would be able to become an organ donor.
    I'm just hoping that when my time comes on the waiting list, a very generous family will make the ultimate gift in such a sad time.

  3. It's good that something good can come out of bad, as you say. In the Uk it's the same as for you, your wishes can be over-ridden and that makes me so mad. We've made sure everyone who might be involved knows our wishes, but there's still no guarantees.

  4. a very important subject. there are so many people waiting. i am proudly on the register and all loved ones are aware. my dad donated his kidney to my older brother in april this year so a subject that is close to my heart. the good that comes from bad, in this case the gift of life is so priceless. thanks for posting about this subject. my thoughts are with the family who have suffered the sad lose of a loved one x

  5. such an important act. thanks for posting about it. xo m.

  6. Hubby and I are both organ donors. I read a story once about a girl who wanted to meet the man who got her father's heart after he passed away. When she met the man she simply put her hand over his heart (her dad's heart) and she got to feel her dad's heart beating again even though he was gone.

  7. I'm catching up over here, but have been prattling on to someone else just now how I reckon I could do with some perspective. Check. My heart goes out to your workmate and her family.

    I absolutely find the 'talking' being a difficult thing. Every now and then, the Mr and I have a ten second conversation on the matter: "So you'd still be fine to donate, right?"
    "Right. You?"
    "Yep. Did you say you were making a cup of tea?"