Thursday, August 6, 2009

My best excuse for lazy bones!

Meet Bodhi. He's 12.5 weeks old, single and hoping to eventually be able to reach his currently elusive tail. Isn't he gorgeous? Bodhi belongs to my very good friend Jess who I used to work with. They came for a sleepover last night and we got up to much mischief - especially Bodhi. Annabell, my cat, was not overly impressed with him although she seemed more miffed that he wasn't scared by her hissing. He just seemed confused by it. I justify this post being about Bodhi by putting in a pic with a quilt in the background.

This is the only quilt I have ever had in a show. It was entered in a Vic Quilters show for the quilting. Her name (yes, she has a name :) is Bella Rose and she is made out of Robyn Pandolph 'Hannah Bella' fabrics. This fabric was the first impulse, stash buy. My how things have changed since then! The quilt was professionally quilted by Jenny Carmichael of Bayside quilting who has since become a wonderful friend.

Bohdi thoroughly enjoyed snuggling up with Jess and I underneath Bella Rose. It was a chilly night last night, even with the fire roaring. It made it a great night for lazing in front of the tv with a hot choccy.

I completed the backing for the 'I Spy' today and made a quick visit to Threadneedle Craft for the batting. I have lots of random batting pieces but nothing big enough for this quilt. I guess the bits and pieces will become baby quilts and bags.

I have more than a week to get it finished and I'm quite confident it'll be done in time. I just need to set up my new printer so that I can print a label. Another challenge for a somewhat computer-techno-unabled patcher. Fingers crossed.....

Happy quilting,


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