Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mini break Melbourne

Not much sewing to report but I did get a wonderful surprise. I was whisked away to Melbourne by Mr CP. Due to shift work clashes we hadn't seen each other for nearly two weeks. To say I was a little grumpy about it doesn't quite cover how I was feeling.

Finally a few days off coincided so we jumped on a train and headed for the big smoke. Mr CP surprised me with a lovely hotel room, a visit to NGV to see the Dali exhibition and tickets to see Chicago. We had a wonderful time exploring the city from above and below. We went up the Eureka building and watched a beautiful sunset and headed down some lane ways for coffee and cupcakes. I can definitely recommend the Belgian Chocolate and the Jaffa cupcakes from Little Cupcake on Degreaves Street. Tasty!

Back to reality yesterday....

I STILL haven't finished the 'I Spy' but I'll sew the binding on tmrw and get it stitched down over the next week.
Couch time with my book before work this afternoon.
Happy sewing,


  1. Oh to have a few days of rest and relaxation!!! Hope you had a great time. The quilt can wait.... for a while at least

  2. hi! this is the first time i come to visit you :)
    i love the polka dots!! nice work

  3. My son and DIL love Melbourne (they live near Newcastle, NSW)... my son tells me I'd love it there. Sounds like a wonderful time you had there!