Monday, January 6, 2014

Pre Christmas Loony

After my bag making success I decided I needed to satisfy my seamstressness.
I went through my patterns and my overflowing tub of fabric and paired things up. I figured it was time to get stuck into what I've got before I decide I 'need' to buy fabric in the post Christmas sale.
Then I started
I seem to have made a bit of a sack out of Kwik Sew 3856.
Adding a belt and taking up the hem and it's much better. I think a tan/brown belt will suit heaps better but I don't have one yet. 
I played around with making a lining for the bodice which I've never done before.
I often send pics to Jules so the poked out tongues are for her. The smile is to show her that I'm not always a rude, juvenile sewist.
The plan is to make this dress out of some red voile with dandelions. I delusionally thought that might happen on Christmas Eve to wear the night of Christmas Eve but clearly that was ridiculous. I'll get stuck in before new year though. I'm enjoying the learning curve.

Ab x


  1. Abbe I love the idea of pairing the fabric with the pattern - I should do this too - both lots are so higgledy-piggledy that I have no idea with what might go with what. Great shots of the first dress - kudos for showing us the first goes - nobody does that - they are all super perfect fitting etc arrrghghhh. the last shot of the top is looking really good - suiting you really well! Keep showing us how you are going xx

  2. Looks much better with the belt and shorter hem, I agree. Funny, as I was reading down that was the pattern that most attracted me too. Looks good on you.