Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I meant it when I said I have a new addiction.
The Retreat needs some cushions for the four couches and of course another quilt so I'll make a few more Dresdens of various sizes and then start putting everything together.

I'm handing quilting this cushion cover. I realised I was a bit rusty when I shoved the wrong end of the needle, yes the blunt end, into my finger. Ouch!

I tried to take some pics of Harvey's oh so comfy butt in the air sleeping position but he woke up.
It seems he does not suffer from morning grumps.
How's the cheeky grin?
And giggles!!

Back to the hand quilting.
Ab xx


  1. He's such a happy boy! Sorry about your finger, but your dresdens are beautiful! :0)

  2. What a cutie you have there...makes me smile....your plates are beautiful.

  3. I love it all- the sewing and the bubba! Such a heart melter he is!

  4. Harvey looks like a real happy little fella... XXXX

  5. What a smile and a laugh. Makes me so happy just to look. Cherrie