Friday, March 30, 2012

I've been busy and stuff

I desperately wanted to get another WIP finished so I knuckled down and got the binding on this table runner today. It was made and hand quilted several years ago but I ran out of steam (again!) and put it away. I wasn't impressed with my perle thread, hand quilting skills at the time.
I tried out fully machine sewing the binding for the first time. Worked fairly well and certainly something I will do again on things like table runners, utility quits etc.
So I've been busy because there have been lots of first happening (other than all the wedding planning of course). Harvey went to Family Day Care for the first time.
Do you think he was chuffed with his new lunch box? 
He seems to love it. I spied on him today and he was happily messing about in the playroom with the other kids. The carer is great and even better, she lives right across the road so if I really wanted to visit or we're running late - it's no big deal.

The other first was me going back to (paid) work as a part timer.
Unfortunately the company did not make the transition easy at all and during negotiations their communication was ridiculously poor which caused me a lot of stress.
So far it feels a bit surreal to be back after a whole year off. Everything has changed but it's still the same.
Very weird...

Anyway, I'm glad to tick off another WIP and lodge another entry in AJ's comp.

I've been missing you, my bloggy friends.

Ps. There's another HUGE first this Tuesday.
Yep, it's been a year already!!


  1. Your tablerunner looks great! And so does Harvey! No way it's been a year already! Time sure does fly!

  2. Nice to see you post again Abbe.
    Lovely table runner and machine sewing the binding is a great way to go. that's what I do.
    Congrates on getting back into the work force. Harvey a year already. Where has that gone???
    He is such a handsome little fella..

  3. Good luck with your return to work. It seems like Harvey is happy with the idea ...all else will be easy!

  4. Looks like Harvey's got his priorities right! He's hanging on to his lunchbox so it doesn't get lost!

    It's hard to believe you've been off work for a year, going back must be so hard, especially when "they" make it difficult.

    I'm sure you'll settle back in to the routine soon though, and knowing that Harvey is being well looked after must help.