Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top shelf

Hello gorgeous!
My new fabric shelf.
Weeeeeeeeeee I'm so excited to finally be able to display my stash.

There was some water damage to the bottom so Mr CP set about repairing it.
He said something about a router and started sawing planks of wood.
Next thing I knew, he'd done some fancy shmancy routing (routering?), something I had no idea he knew how to do and it was all fixed. 
Look at how perfectly he did the corner!
He's awesome and much more handy then he has let on.

So in honour of his super handiwork, I thought I'd better do the shelves justice....


Folded and in somewhat organised order, floral, novelty, stripes, spots etc etc etc etc etc as you can see.
Mr CP came into the room and said, "What the f*#k is all that?!?!?!"
I guess I outed myself to him.

So, how and where do you keep your stash?

Ab x

Ps. Dare I say, there are still all of the ongoing projects and things that are not on the shelves and yet, even with all of this fabric, I do not feel like I have enough ;o)


  1. Awwwww it's soooooo pretty!
    Luckily there's still a teeny weeny bit of space left for some more shopping.

  2. Whoa!!! Not sure if I'm more jealous of the fabulous stash or the fact that you have a man that can route. It that a word? Much moe happy with your arranging and I agree with Cam, there's still a little room left for some more purchases.

  3. Very nice! I have a shelf like that in my dream sewing room! LOL

  4. ha, he sure did 'out' himself! Or 'route' himself (God I'm funny). Hmmm, still think colour-phebetical is the bomb, but you'rs is lovely and organised-probably more by designer than dodgy scraps haha. And still room for more!

  5. I forgot to add- it doesn't look 'Harvey-proof'!

  6. You have out done both stash and manpet usefulness. We are no longer friends ;) xox

  7. LOL LOL Love it. A real guy reaction to your stash.Doesn't see the gorgeous sheleves and how nice it looks after all his routing.....

    Hmmmm Bec is right , it's not Harvey proof at all.

  8. You do have a ridiculous amount of fabric, tis true!
    And it looks all kinds of awesome displayed like that.
    But to be honest, I am most impressed with the fact that you folded each and every piece to the exact same size as it's neighbour. Super effort Abs. x

  9. That Mr CP is " F*#king gorgeous"

  10. Nice stash! Mine are in tubs and stacked in the laundry, and in a big bag, or on the dining table. I'm going to have to start hiding it in the car boot if it gets any more excessive

  11. Your stash is amazing! I would love a stash like that or even half of it.

  12. Teehee, I wonder how long it'll stay as neat as that? Which is why I have doors on my stash cupboard.

  13. Jealous! Mine lives in a stunning plastic drawer set from bunnings! No where near as much loveliness of your stash though!