Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nearly there.

So I'm mid plunge but maybe I jumped slightly early.
All to be revealed soon though.

Lucky I've got someone to hold my hand....
(Photo by Aunty Jules)

In the mean time I have been doing a little crafting; some hand quilting and some secret sewing that I didn't take a photo of (foolish me since it's been gifted already!) but mostly I've been mothering.

Harvey and I just had a wonderful visit with his grandfolks and the great aunts. It's so nice to see him so loved and just because he's.....him.

I've been using feeding time to catch up on reading lots of your blogs but I'm not great at one handed commenting on the iPhone.
See you in blogland,
Ab x


  1. Love the photo of Harvey holding your hand. so nice to have a strong man to give you a helping hand.
    It is just wonderful to have a precious little one to love and cuddle. that's how we feel about our baby too.

  2. Looking forward to the big reveal (does it involve travel to the UK at all?).

    That picture is indeed one to treasure.

  3. Look at those little fingers. awwww
    Its a long plunge!

  4. Mothering is THE most important thing, everything else just has to fall in behind for a little while including plunging...!