Friday, February 25, 2011

Home days and tea parties

Photos included due to the loveliness of the washing. I know I'll get bored of teeny tiny clothes, maybe even resent them but for now I am enjoying all the firsts that come with baby number one.
                                                       Look how little those socks are!
I've managed a little bit of sewing. A off-centre triangle for Becky as part of the Around the Block swap that I am in. I'm loving pink and green - so fresh.

My dear friend Jo organised a High Tea baby shower for me. This is the table set just before the guests arrived. Her mum got out the lovely cups and saucers - it made the day that little bit more special. Plus I feel like an actual lady if I drink my tea from fine china :o)
I've got 4.5 weeks to before my due (yes, I know, it could come early but I need something to aim for) and things are going well in Tummy Town. Baby is doing, measuring and wiggling all the right things at this point so I feel pretty relaxed about it all.

Time to head to the beach for Jo's hens weekend which involves me getting a facial and head and neck massage....yep, life's good!
Ab x


  1. I never got tired of baby clothes! Emily and I still ooh and aaah over them at the store! Enjoy your hen's weekend! :0)

  2. I love or wedding. They are so much fun and the cake is always yummy!

  3. I was like you Abbe, I loved washing all the little baby clothes. You will get sick of doing it I can assure you, but remember you can never have too many with all the spukky times etc.
    I am so excited for the time to pass and for you guys to have bubbs with you.

  4. OOOOh have heaps of fun. Dont relax too much or you may just come early, in theory.
    Ive been doing the same over at mine believe it or not. Not quite so much green here though.
    Bring on the weekend, x

  5. Nope. Never got sick of baby clothes. Loved it even more with toddler clothes. Teeny weeny socks! Squeeeeeeeee!!

    Lovely looking high tea and yay for massages!

  6. Love the itty bitty socks. Only 4.5 week, I can't believe it.

  7. I never got sick of washing little baby thing...well maybe the nappies. I loved looking at the line full of thing things!

  8. Never sick of baby clothes, they are so tiny & economical on the load. Gorgeous soft fluffy Lux flakes, ahhhh, memories!!
    Forget about a baby coming early, so many first babies take their sweet time in there & come late, leaving you still pregnant & absolutely desperate to meet them & become a mummy. Pats to tummy, can't wait to hear more news. Love Posie

  9. I cant believe it! 4 1/2 weeks! Only feels like yesterday you told me in the middle of amitie ;)
    Glad your friends gave you a lovely day :) Enjoy this weekend too xox

  10. what a lovely party and that washing is too precious all hanging there and teeny tiny!!! your due date is so soon!!! i bet you are so excited...enjoy every minute!

  11. Lines of sweetness, very excited for you. have a lovely weekend. P

  12. oh I love washing the baby clothes! just too sweet

    love the look of your baby shower! i had one for keira and it was so sweet:)


  13. Preparing for a new baby is such a special time, enjoy every moment. I still love baby clothes, they are so tiny and cute!! Hope you had a fun weekend x