Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New digs

The Copper Patch crew have moved!
We're about half an hour closer to Melbourne and have gone from charming but poorly insulated cottage to this modern, five star energy rated house.
There are boxes everywhere although the unpacking is going fairly well. However the 'sewing room/spare room' is sadly the dumping ground. It's going to take a whole lot of sorting out and I am under very strict orders from the Mister that I am NOT to move any boxes due to my 'delicate' * condition.... Easy for him to say, I want to pat my fabric stash and remind it that it is still loved.

I will be mostly off email and off line until the phone and internet is connected - it should only be a week or so at the most but it's Telstra so who knows....

In the meantime, happy crafting peeps. See ya when the moving madness has calmed down and the unpacking is unpacked.

Ab xx

* An extra ten kilos and the ever more pronounced waddle sure doesn't look that delicate ;o)


  1. Congratulations! The new house looks great! The one time we moved I was two weeks away from having Brian. Everyone freaked out if I even looked at a box! LOL

  2. Dont you dare lift a thing. A tape slicing knife isnt too heavy though!

  3. Looks great! Don't worry, if you have one of those, "I'm comfy in here" kind of babies you will have the sewing room unpacked and arranged and rearranged multiple times before the birth. I so cannot imagine you waddling.

  4. have been wondering how its all going, great to hear that you have a new home! your lawn looks pristine, ours is a bog at the moment, gumboots on to go to the loo kinda boggy - yek! have fun nesting.


  5. Your New Home looks Gorgeous...Glad to hear you are going well...we all waddled at one
    I'm sure you will be in that new sewing room unpacking very soon...Enjoy & Take Care...

  6. Your new home looks great. A big change from your airy cottage. Wishing you many happy years together in your home.
    Won't be long and you wil be all organised and be able to pat the stash again.

  7. What a lovely home.....

    So..all that is to be said is "Welcome home Copper Patch, Welcome home!!

  8. congratulations on the new place!!! it looks awesome, and i am sure you do too!

  9. Very, very nice digs indeed. Love the 5 star energy rating. So necessary these days.

  10. The new house looks great and Mr CP is right - there are different types of "delicate" petal (even with an extra 10kilos)!! ;)
    Take it easy now and get some good sleep. Dream about your fabric stash and it will know you are nearby and thinking of it.

  11. That's taking nesting to a whole new level my darling, congratulations, love Posie