Sunday, June 13, 2010

A hex on me!

I'm sure at some stage I said that I was going to get whole lot of UFO's finished this year...maybe I meant next year because I seem to be starting something new. Actually two somethings.

A little hexy challenge is going on between a few ladies. Still sorting out the details but I've made a start anyway. I'm planning an off white, pink and green, shabby styles...something. I think it'll be another quilt. But who knows?

And these? Well these are the centres for a 1930's quilt I am planning.
I collected A LOT of 1930's fabrics when I decided I was going to do the flowers and I am never going to use all that I have in one quilt so....I'm planning at least two more :o) 

I went on a quick jaunt to Daylesford today and visited the Spa Quilters Quilt Show. It was really nice with lots of fabulous quilts, bags and wall hangings. The group seems to have a lot of different influences meaning there was a diverse range of patchy, quilty styles.  

Time for tea...and another sip of red.
Perfect accompaniment to the roaring fire.

Ab x 


  1. oh 30's my favorite! cant wait to see what your hexie challenge will produce:)

  2. Wow your hexie's are sexy!! How are you basting them? Mine aren't nearly as neat lol! Look forward to seeing the hexie quilt DONE! xox

  3. Yes they do look rather neat. I'll have to get cracking now I know you have started.

  4. I don't think I'd ever have the patience to do hexagons like that, so I'll follow yours with interest.

  5. ohhhhh let me know the details of your little hexie quilt along! I've been enjoying making my flowers - hope it doesn't take me like forever to get the hexagons finished!


  6. good luck with your hexie quilt along. I've just joined in on one myself.

  7. I would love a 30's hexie quilt, so if you wouldn't mind whipping up 2 of them that would be great. Also, wino-crafters, crafty -winers or any variation of these 2 words would be great! Happy drinking!!

  8. okay. Youre gonna have to baby me through this. are you speaking quilters code? I dont understand what to do!!!!