Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I need help!

Okay, smarty pants people out there - yes, I need help in lots of ways but today, specifically, I need help with Liberty.

Several years ago I was given these Liberty fabrics. There is a fat 1/8th of each. Nine of the pinky warm colours and seven of the bluey cool colour way.
My question to you all is WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THEM? I need ideas. I have read before that Liberty fabric is more fragile so needs a lot of support in any blocks that it is in so I need to bear that in mind. I'm not sure if I want them all mixed up but I think at some stage I'd like to do a blue and green quilt so it might be better to separate the colour ways. I have a lot of doona/duvee covers that have a lot of pink so I was even thinking cushions...? I don't know but I'm well and truly open to ideas.

Let me know what you think.
Last little bit of binding to do today and a few ends to darn in and then the step-mums quilt is finished. I've been distracted by the garden over the last few days. Today it is extremely windy so it would be no fun out there. A good chance to spend the day in the sewing room and I might even do some baking later.
It's the Melbourne Cup today (a horse race for you out of towners) so I guess I'll watch that later and then I'm heading to Melbourne tonight and on to Gippsland to visit my folks tomorrow.
Better get out of bed I suppose.... yep, still on holidays.
Abbe :)


  1. drooling...everywhere...!!
    They are so perfect as they are. Something simple? Coin stacks? White bordered squares? Or something a bit more involved like an Irish chain. Have seen that done in liberty's before. Looked amazing.
    Look forward to seeing what others think and what you do!

  2. ooo, very pretty, resisting the urge to tell you to make little girly clothes. Here's a link to a quilt I made using pink, purple, blue and green scraps. http://juliespp.blogspot.com/2009/03/pinwheel-quilt-completed.html

  3. Something fairly simple, so the fabrics can talk for themselves. What about combining them with some suitable coloured marbles, and making a ...wait for it .... Disappearing 9-Patch. That way you could do something like having the pink fabrics going diagonally in one direction, and the blues in the other. I have just been making one and have posted a picture on my blog today.

  4. wow! I am such a stasher, my answer would be to place them on a shelf to just look at every day!

  5. Liberty fabrics are not fragile - they are fine - yes! but the threads are very dense (more threads to the inch than usual fabrics) making a fine strong fabric - treat it as you would any other cotton fabric - they used to make mens white hankies with this stuff - and they boiled them!.........nuff said!